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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
Old times' sake
Thursday. 11.6.14 5:01 pm
Hello Nutang,

Ah it's been, what, 2 years now? This makes me nostalgic. I am still cringing at my posts 5 years back. What a silly little girl I was. *smh*
Well, I am in Nursing school now :) 2 more years and I will be taking the NCLEX (Canadian version). Scary thoughts... but after taking the MCAT, it shouldn't be that bad, right? (I hope...)
Other than that, nothing else is exciting :P Let's see what y'all have been up to! *proceeds to read blogs*


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Fall 2012
Monday. 10.1.12 11:50 pm
Hi Nutangers~

For the few who know (or bothered to look at previous post where it says I've graduated)... I'm done school "temporarily".

I've been working since the summer. I was reviewing part-time for the MCAT (which I bombed -- ah another story, another time). Now, I'm working mad overtime hours, saving up for my next plans - will be retaking that stupid MCAT so I can apply for med school, see if I'm actually good enough. Ugh Asian expectations! But I'm also thinking about back-up plans... I always have. But there's so many of them .. I have to start with the realistic ones. Le sigh~

School/work issues aside -
I am currently being very devious about one of my friends. The things I would do to him, they're all locked in my head, wanting to burst free. But they're all just thoughts. It's too rotten. Stop flirting when you have a girlfriend, man.

I like quickies :)

EDIT: AAH How could I forget one of the most awesome things that happened in my summer!??!?! GOT TO SEE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS LIVE! (from afar... but it doesn't matter!) But this concert happened after John F left the group again :(
Not posting any videos because you will hear me sing haha

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Monday. 6.18.12 8:28 pm
Dear Nutang,

This love & leave relationship ... will it ever work between us?

P.S. I have graduated! I now have an expensive paper fan that shall keep me cool in the summer time :)

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Sunday. 10.23.11 11:54 pm
New things in my life.
So many changes - places, people, viewpoints.
Will update more later.
For the meantime, enjoy:

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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